About the Winter Night Shelter

The Winter Night Shelter project offers shelter and hospitality during the winter months to people that would otherwise be sleeping rough. Seven different faith venues in Leicester provide shelter for up to 12 rough sleepers (guests) per night and offer food, warmth and a safe place to sleep. The winter night shelter works closely with other partners for referrals.  These referral agencies assess the suitability of their clients for the night shelter.

From 9 December 2019 to 2 March 2020, the Winter Night Shelter will provide emergency accommodation, food and social interaction to individuals who are unable to access housing, benefits or support elsewhere. This includes destitute refugees, refused asylum seekers and EU migrants. During their time at the Winter Night Shelter, One Roof aim to help them achieve more sustainable accommodation.

This will be the fourth year the Winter Night Shelter will operate, it is coordinated by One Roof Leicester in partnership with faith organisations and a team of volunteers. Over the past three years, the Winter Night Shelter have:

  • Supported 75 rough sleepers to access a bed and safe place to stay over the winter months
  • Supported 33 guests to move on to more stable accommodation.
  • Worked with fourteen different faith communities. Seven of these provided overnight venues and seven provided additional support e.g. a meet and greet point, catering service and volunteers.
  • Recruited over 400 volunteers from different faiths and backgrounds which work in teams to offer hospitality, food and companionship to the guests occupying the beds each night.

One Roof Leicester are a member of Housing Justice which supports Night Shelters across the UK offering resources, advice and training as well as a national quality mark. One Roof Leicester holds the Housing Justice Quality Excellence Mark for Excellent Practice.

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