April 2020 Give Leicester campaign update

April 8 2020 12:47 pm

The Give Leicester campaign has raised almost £23,000 for One Roof Winter Night Shelter since launching on 28 October 2019. Of that total, £8,931 has been donated through contactless giving points in Leicester by members of the public.

Thanks to the significant amount of money raised, the Winter Night Shelter has been able to convert into a permanent, year-round night shelter providing emergency accommodation, food and support for people who are homeless in Leicester.

The current fundraising campaign was due to end on 31 March. However, due to the closure of businesses and government guidelines to stay at home, we are unable to make the necessary arrangements to launch the new giving campaign at this time.

In this interim period, any donations through the Give Leicester contactless giving points will continue to raise money for One Roof Leicester. Thanks to Leicester City Council, guests in the night shelter have been moved to temporary accommodation to keep them safe during the coronavirus outbreak. One Roof will continue to support them with food, essential items and, where possible, help them to move on rather than returning to the shelter when it re-opens.

Any donations collected from 31 March will be used by One Roof Leicester to continue to support of the night shelter guests.

We encourage all members of the public to follow government guidance to stay at home and only leave the house for essential journeys.