Winter Campaign 2019/20: One Roof Winter Night Shelter

Our current Give Leicester campaign runs from 28 October 2019 and is raising money for the One Roof Winter Night shelter.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the winter 2019/20 campaign has been extended. Please read our update here for information on how donations will be used after 31 March.

Money has been raised through public donations at 16 contactless giving points in the city centre, through Leicester-based tech company LoyalFree (until 31 March 2020) and from visitors to events in the city.

Find out how to donate through contactless donation points in the city centre.

See how the money has been raised in the figures below.

Winter 2019/20: One Roof Winter Night Shelter

Campaign total to date:


Contactless donation points


Number of taps on contactless donation points by members of the public.


Total amount raised through contactless donation points.

LoyalFree app

LoyalFree have pledged 1p to Give Leicester for every loyalty stamp collected on the LoyalFree app.

This includes back-dating their pledge from when the app launched.


Backdated pledge from app launch to October 2019.


1p per stamp since the campaign went live.

The app has hundreds of discounts available in Leicester.

Click here to download the LoyalFree app and start to Give as you Save.

Other events

Thanks to organisations and members of the public across the city, the following events have raised money to add to the campaign total.


Raised by visitors to Museum of the Moon at Leicester Cathedral in October 2019.


Raised by audiences to De Montfort Hall Christmas 2019 pantomime.


Raised by Leicestershire Business Voice Christmas 2019 event.

Please note we aim to update these figures regularly throughout the campaign. Last update: 10 August 2020